Club Rules

The use of mobile phones is not permitted throughout the Clubhouse and any of the courses.

Dress Code

Members shall at all times observe a reasonable and conservative standard of dress and shall not wear any garment likely to cause offence to others. Please note that whilst the Club is pleased to accept a more modern style of dress, it will not accept clothing that is torn or dirty.

Guidelines and restrictions on appropriate dress are set out below.

Dress Code Information

Download the Dress Code (Fanling)

Download the Dress Code (Deep Water Bay)



Maximum length of time per round


Summer Season (May to September)
2 Ball Eden 3hrs 25mins
New/Old 3hrs 10mins
2/3 Ball Eden 3hrs 50mins
New/Old 3hrs 35mins
3/4 Ball Eden 4hrs 15mins
New/Old 4hrs
Winter Season (October to April)
2 Ball Eden 3hrs 15mins
New/Old 3hrs
2/3 Ball Eden 3hrs 40mins
New/Old 3hrs 25mins
3/4 Ball Eden 4hrs 5mins
New/Old 3hrs 50mins

Deep Water Bay

2/3 Ball 1 hour / 9 holes