Historic Milestones

Although ladies had played golf in Hong Kong as far back as the 19th century, and were playing in competition at The Royal Hong Kong Golf Club since the late 1920s, it was not until 1932 that ladies were allowed to become monthly subscribers.

In November, 1946, it was decided that wives and lady relatives of members could play at Fanling on payment of the pre-war subscription by the member, and that other ladies could play with a member on payment of a green fee of HK$1.

The Hong Kong Golf Club has one of the largest ladies’ sections of any club in Hong Kong. There are currently more than 550 lady players with handicaps (the maximum is 36), of whom about 80 play competition golf regularly on Tuesdays, which is also known as the Ladies’ Day. The Fanling season for the Ladies Section runs from September to May and the Deep Water Bay Season runs through the summer months. The Ladies’ Section organises more than 80 competitions for its members, with a regular turnout of between 60 and 80 ladies.

Past Captains

2011 - 2020

2011 Mrs. E.J. Wu
2012 Mrs. E.J. Wu
2013 Mrs. A.R. Hamilton
2014 Mrs. A.R. Hamilton
2015 Mrs. D.M.K. Lam
2016 Mrs. D.M.K. Lam
2017 Mrs. J.K. Ball
2018 Mrs. J.K. Ball
2019 Mrs. T. Cheng
2020 Mrs. T. Cheng


2001 - 2010

2001 Mrs. E.W.O. Cheung
2002 Mrs. S. Cheng
2003 Mrs. D.T.K. Wong
2004 Mrs. D.T.K. Wong
2005 Mrs. M.N. Hadaway
2006 Mrs. M.N. Hadaway
2007 Mrs. K.L. Ho
2008 Mrs. K.L. Ho
2009 Mrs. E.J. Evans
2010 Mrs. E.J. Evans

1991 - 2000

1991 Mrs. R.T.H. Chow
1992 Mrs. R.H. Semken
1993 Mrs. E.K.T. Khoe
1994 Mrs. R.A. Denton-Cox
1995 Mrs. M. Nagaya
1996 Mrs. D.T. Chang
1997 Mrs. A.K.S. Cheng
1998 Mrs. J. Mailer
1999 Mrs. S.T.S. Wong
2000 Mrs. H.H.N. Lo

1981 - 1990

1981 Mrs. W.P.K. Ling
1982 Mrs. J.C. Bartley
1983 Mrs. B. Green
1984 Mrs. G. Hindhaugh
1985 Mrs. R.H.N. Ho
1986 Mrs. R.H.T. Cox
1987 Mrs. I.L. Whittle
1988 Mrs. W. Boller
1989 Mrs. H. Bryson
1990 Mrs. J. Haggarty

1971 - 1980

1971 Mrs. D.G. Neal
1972 Mrs. W.A. Park
1973 Mrs. G.M. Macwhinnie
1974 Mrs. W. Elrick
1975 Mrs. J.D. Hirst
1976 Mrs. H.H. Murdoch
1977 Mrs. T. Kitamura
1978 Mrs. J. Lyons
1979 Miss D. Handyside
1980 Mrs. W.A.M. Smith

1961 - 1970

1961 Mrs. J.D. Clague
1962 Mrs. H.W.E. Heath
1963 Mrs. J. Wai
1964 Mrs. R.C. Gairdner
1965 Mrs. J.R. Leitch
1966 Mrs. G.W. Vaughn
1967 Mrs. L.F. Stokes
1968 Mrs. J.A. Cheetham
1969 Mrs. A.W. Dawson-Grove
1970 Mrs. C.D. St. Q. Fletcher

1951 - 1960

1951 Mrs. A.S. Adamson
1952 Mrs. K.S. Robertson
1953 Mrs. R.R. Coombs
1954 Mrs. A.S. Mitchell
1955 Mrs. L. Goldman
1956 Mrs. J. Connell Brown
1957 Mrs. F.G. Harrison
1958 Mrs. W.P. Birthwhistle
1959 Mrs. P.F.F. Watkinson
1960 Mrs. R. Firkins

1941 - 1950

1941 Mrs. Mackintosh
1948 Mrs. W.N.A. Smalley
1949 Mrs. I.W. Shewan
1950 Mrs. F.D. Hunter

1930 - 1940

1934 Mrs. P.S. Cassidy
1935 Mrs. T.S. Whyte Smith
1936 Mrs. A.K. Mackenzie
1937 Mrs. D.J. Gilmore
1938 Lady MacGregor
1939 Mrs. R.E. Lindsell
1940 Mrs. I.W. Shewan


A motion to admit ladies to the Club is overwhelmingly rejected at the Annual General Meeting.


A motion to charge all lady players a monthly subscription of HK$2 fails but finally passes five years later.


At the Annual General Meeting, Mr Stanley Dodwell asked whether courteous representations could be made to the Ladies’ Section in regard to the wearing of shorts. After discoursing on his inability to keep his eye on the ball while playing in the presence of shorts-clad ladies, he went on to say that, “nothing but official action, tactfully, but firmly taken, will save us from the widespread and indiscriminate adoption of this disturbingly scanty, unbecoming and unladylike mode of attire”.


It was decided that wives and lady relatives of members could play at Fanling on payment of the pre-war subscription by the member, and that other ladies could play with a member on payment of a green fee of HK$1.


The first post-war meeting of the Club’s Ladies’ Section is held at the Helena May Institute, the first post-war Ladies’ Day at Fanling is staged, and five sterling silver trophies – the Railway Cup, Taggart Cup, Ross Cup, Championship Cup and Glover Cup, held by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, are recovered. The latter three trophies are still played for today, while the Railway Cup and the Ross Cup have been replaced by the Nancy Ling Trophy and the Joyce Green Trophy respectively.


The Ladies’ Section assumes responsibility for the running of the annual Club Ball, originally known as ‘The Golfer’s Dance.’ They continue to organize the Ball until 1987, when the Club takes over and runs it with the ladies’ assistance.