General Committee 2021 / 2022

Captain C.W.C Leung (Clarence) Since May 2020
Vice-Captain A.W.L. Kwok (Andy) Since May 2020
Buildings Convenor B.H.Y. Lu (Bryant) Since May 2020
Courses Convenor A.S.Y. Tsui (Andrew) Since May 2020
Finance Convenor H.K.T. Lam (Hamilton) Since May 2020
Golf Convenor A.J. Melloy (Tony) Since May 2020
Legal & General Convenor J.S.C. Cheung (Jeffrey) Since May 2020
Membership Services Convenor K.T.L. Wong (Kenneth) Since May 2020

The Captain, Vice-Captain and the other members of the General Committee are elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy in the General Committee, howsoever occurring during the year, may be filled by the General Committee from time to time.

Information regarding the mechanism of elections to the General Committee and other relevant information can be found in the Club’s Articles of Association.